The best ....packaging for quality and economy

We inform you that our company’s products come up to your requirements
of the uses they refer to.



In co-operation with you we design

with the best graphic designer and pioneer powerful ideas,
we are always brossta ahead the evolutions in packaging.

There’s always the possibility of your own model (if there is one) in all the products we produce, otherwise we design something new.

1. Plan
2. Idea
3. Design
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With the top machines we print

With top machines we cover every need,
for every kind of packaging you search for your company.

Experienced and specified stuff supervise every work done with the aim of the top result of our product.

1. Print
2. Control
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Respond quickly to orders with a modern truck fleet which ensures safe transport of products.

The transportation of our products are in agreement for there to be no misunderstanding on transportation costs.

1. Product packaging
2. Delivery
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Our company’s constructions Handicraft

In our company there are all the possibilities of production you would wish, for every company and owner.



Qualified and experienced salesmen are at your disposal ready
to receive your order and service you.

Quality check products

The department of quality check is totally responsible for the quality of the procedure and the final product we fully co-operate with the departments controlling the good quality of the product in all stages (production- packaging- storage- delivery etc).

Our company always makes controls in order for the final product to be safe while in use and according to the requirements existed./p>